Smashville now available for iOS devices

Smashville is all about fun and carefree destruction. With fun animations, clear colours and a lot of humour, this game will do well in your library of games for the road.

The idea behind the game is simple: easy to get into, hard to master. It takes less than a minute for players to grasp the concept of the game and start playing, but it takes hard work to really excel the game.

As the very angry God, you are smashing everything on your way – be aware of the intruding aliens though, avoid them. The game is very silly and above everything, funny. Everybody can join in on the fun as Smashville is free to download and play.

The developer, Funday Factory, have been in existince since 2011. Until now they’ve primarily been making games for externally projects – the website is mentioning commercial webgames and apps for companies. A fund from the the Danish Movie Institute made it possible for Funday Factory to go independent on the iOS market. Smashville is the first sprout from the company and there’s more on the way from the experienced danish developer team. Creative director and co-owner Anders Leicht Rohde founded Funday Factory after a couple very successful years at Krea Medie.

Smashville is a big leap for Funday Factory. Besides being a really great game, it marks the beginning on a lot of ventures that will be released by Funday Factory over the next year or so.

Anders is with Glen Wurtz Christiansen the main power behind Smashville. Glen got hired into the team earlier in the year, and has experience from the mobile games market with the game Axe in the Face.

Smashville hit the iOS store yesterday and is available for iPad and iPad Mini. It won’t be long before it’s ready for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download Smashville for free here.
Funday factory website.

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