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While Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us has recieved numerous updates and add-ons, all of these has been multiplayer elements only. Finally at the PS4 all access launch event, Sony decided to reveal a DLC for one of the best games on Playstation 3.

The DLC will expand on the story from the main game, but as a prologue and according to Eric Monacelli, it is a “good lenght” and will depend on the skill of the player and the difficulty settings of the game.

We’re back in the Boston quarantine zone on the military boarding school that Ellie mentions once or twice during the main story. Her friend, Riley, plays a large role in the story and seems to be Ellie’s sidekick, as she was to Joel. If you’ve read the comic from Dark Horse, The Last of Us: American Dreams, you’ll recognise Riley.

The two teenage girls will be travelling together, and from my understanding, partly, or entirely, in a mall. Left Behind will, by the natural carelessness of two teenagers hanging out, be more playful than the main game.

source: Playstation Blog, some of them in the comments

Personally, I can not wait to play this – it might get me back into the main game and get some more trophies to the collection. Don’t forget to check out the trailer I posted yesterday. While Polygon writes it’ll be the last DLC in for singleplayer, Eric Monacelli writes “we don’t have any more DLC planned” which I understand as: “Let’s see how well this DLC sells”.

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