Le Tour de France 2013 – 100th edition arrives for gamers

The Tour de France bicycling competition is the equivalent to the car racing Le Mans – the biggest, toughest and most demanding racing experience to be seen. Actually, Tour de France got to be tougher – first of all, the racers is on bikes, which means their own muscles are what drives them forward AND the race is spanning over several weeks while Le Mans is a one-day deal.

As we’ve seen before with big sports, a video game are made, many times for a quick buck for the developer, and we’ve seen many crappy games come out because of a short development time and a deadline who can’t really be broken. Le Tour de France – 100th edition is not one of the really crappy sports games, but it’s absolutely not one of the best ones either. It’s easy to see where the developer, Cyanide Studios, has cut corners and that’s taken a toll on the games feel of quality.

One good example is that if you go off road, your biker stops instantly, he doesn’t even fall off the bike or slows down a bit, another one is that you can just push your way through the field – there’s no crashes, no swirling, no nothing. That is basically making for a very dull Tour de France, because many watches Tour de France for the same reason they watch Nascar – for the crashes. This does not happen in the game. If it gets too boring, you can just skip ahead in the race in order to save some playing time.

You also have the option to play against or with friends, even in local splitscreen multiplayer.

Become manager of one of 80 professional teams! Plunge into a 2013 season full of new features, and participate in over 180 competitions all around the world, including the spectacular 100th edition of the Tour de France.

Manage all the aspects of a pro team’s life: recruitment, riders’ management, contracts, equipment, finances, registration to competitions, new management of sponsors and objectives… and demonstrate all your tactical skills
during the real time races!

Richer, more detailed scenery and landscapes, HD riders and new animations reflecting their current shape… never before the races will have looked this realistic and immersive. The game now features a better and more realistic AI, a new flexible user interface, as well as a new management system of satisfaction and shape of the riders.

In multiplayer, create custom competition with your friends, or face players from all around the world in a fascinating persistent online mode: collect rider cards to create your dream team, and shine in the official rankings!

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