Epic Mickey: The Power of Two painting the town

Mickey is summoned back to the Wasteland and this time he gets a sidekick.

Epic Mickey 2 has the subtitle “The Power of Two” and that turns out to be a significant moniker to the gameplay. Because this time Mickey won’t have to set out to help the outcast citizens of Wasteland alone, he has a little helper.

Walt Disney have made a plethora of cartoon characters over the years, and not all of them found success. All of those not basking in Mickey-esque stardom have found refuge in Wasteland, the realm of rejected cartoons. And now they need help, again.

Back to the Wasteland

The first Epic Mickey game was a Nintendo Wii exclusive, but the sequel is also out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and Wii U. We’ve taken a look at the PS3 version.

Like its predecessor, Epic Mickey 2 takes place in Wasteland and the story goes on some time after the events of the first game. The world is hit by a series of earthquakes and it prompts the citizens to call for Mickeys help once again. This time though, Oswald will join him in his effort to stop the new menace.

Mickey still has his faithful paintbrush which can either throw paint or paint thinner at objects, drawing them or erasing them from existence. Oswald, as the secondary character, can either be controlled by a second player or by the computer. He has a remote control that can be used to zap enemies or to activate objects in the environment, needed to complete tasks. The two characters together can help each other overcome obstacles by, for example, throwing each other up in the air, to gain access to otherwise off limit areas. Or Mickey can latch on to Oscars feet, while he wafts through the air, reaching far away steady grounds. It’s all about teamwork, and that’s why this game is much better if you play it with a friend.

The missions are laid out in kind of an open world style. There’s a definitive storyline that progresses the main story, but you can find and finish side quests alongside that. And by finishing different puzzles, you earn in-game currency which can be used on upgrades.

Not as charming as last time

While the events in the first game was glued together in a way, that allowed you to immerse yourself in a believable Disney world (no not that one), the open-world-ness of Epic Mickey 2 seems like it’s fragmented into separate mini-levels. It doesn’t have the charm we got used to in our first venture with Mickey into Wasteland.

Epic Mickey 2 does offer a great deal of entertainment though, especially if you have a buddy to play with. I can also imagine this game being great for parents to play with their (not too young) kids. The swift drop-in/drop-out mechanic means the AI takes over the controls of Oswald almost seamlessly, with the push of a button. If you’re looking for a fun 3D platformer, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is the game to wish for this christmas.

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