Battlefield: Hardline open beta open for admission

One of the sudden announcements at E3 2014 was the beginning of a Battlefield Hardline closed beta on Playstation 4. Many people missed out at the chance to try out the game back then, but now everybody can have a go at the upcoming open beta that is due to start next week on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC. Try out the game’s traditional Conquest mode for up to 64 players, or try one of the two new modes: Hotwire and Heist. Hotwire pits criminals against cops as the criminals try to steal a list of marked cars that the cops want to repossess. Heist will see criminals attempt to break into a bank while the cops try to stop them.

Players can try out the full multiplayer progression, including all of the new weapons, vehicles and equipment. If you would rather take a back seat, have a go at being the Hacker where you can hack into security cameras and be your team’s eyes and ears. The beta will be open from February 3rd until February 8th. Will you be giving the game a go?

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