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So E3 is over and we’ve seen so many new games, not to mention new consoles. There was four big keynotes, showcases, presentations, briefings, whatever you like to call it on the big stage at the Electronic Entertainment Expo center in Los Angeles.

Ubisoft bid welcome back to Aisha Tyler as host, and that as a good decision, looking at how the gamers welcomed her last year – and to make it better, they listened and ditched the weird concept of a guy sitting backstage and having conversations with Aisha over the big screen.

Sony and Microsoft both showed their consoles, where Sony showed us the look of the console, Microsoft showed us some games – both things that their reveal events lacked. You can read our coverage on the different presentations right here.

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Because there’s two consoles coming out relatively close to each other, the war is really heating up – and not only between the companies, fans of each console is arguing for and against each console. Because of the policies that Microsoft has been unveiling, many Microsoft gamers are talking about jumping ship. For a couple days, I was one of them, but as I read more into it, and reading opinions in favour of the Xbox One, I’m now in doubt on which console I’d like the most.

Lea – Editor & Founder

Microsoft did not answer the questions from fans, Sony hit the ball out of the park and Nintendo decided to stay at home.

My pre-e3 thoughts about the upcoming consoles is a little blend – on one hand, Microsoft has laid out the cards, allthough their hand is off suit, while Sony hasn’t shown their cards yet.

While I’m fond of the X1 TV capabilities, they won’t be available here for starters, and I simply can not stand a couple of things that Microsoft has announced: Kinect 2.0 has to be connected at all times, the console has to connect every 24 hours and Microsoft has talked about pre owned games and fees, which details haven’t even been finalized. Sony on the other hand haven’t shown their console, so it’s going to be exciting to see it.

Regarding the games, so far the most interesting games seems to hit both consoles, but there’s a few exclusives on each console that I look very much forward to. Let’s see if Microsoft persuades me to think change my mind in favour of their console.

While Microsofts keynote was very impressive with lots of interesting stuff, they did not manage to make me change my mind. If more great exclusive games is revealed down the road, then maybe, but Titanfall and another Halo won’t make me going primary Microsoft nextgen. I will get their console, but PS4 will rise to the primary machine, getting me back to the PlayStation herd. Unless Sony majorly flops. Even if Sony is going to have the same DRM, I’ll probably go their way anyway because of the more awesome titles.

and later…
Sony’s media briefing just underlined my decision by burning Microsoft with melting X1 pieces by the announcement that Sony will not take on the DRM against used games that Microsoft does with their console. Not to mention that their games looks far more down my alley – the games Microsoft showcased that caught my interest was all multiplatform games – apart from Sunset Overdrive which bums me out a little. Luckily LocoCyle will hit the X360 arcade section as that was the only other Xbox exclusive that had me sweating. A fighting motorcycle? Yeah, I’m in.

zoeyZoey – Writer

Yeah, I’m gonna stay with Xbox.

The only console that truly excites me at the moment is the Xbox One. I’ve already started saving and I think it could bring whole new dimensions to gaming with the improved Kinect facilities. I’m delighted I don’t have to abandon my hard-earned gamer score as Microsoft definitely have my support when it comes to the next gen, and not even Final Fantasy remakes will change my mind.

It might look like a monstrosity but it is definitely the console for me, and indeed a solid percentage of hardcore gamers. The Wii U seems to be dying an ugly death already with only previews of franchise favourites at E3 bringing any hope, but how many times does one person really want to play Mario?

Definitely not one for anyone but the casual gamer with too many disposable income. The Playstation 4 just doesn’t have any OMG moments for me. Spec-wise it may be a lot more impressive than the old model but with this economy it’ll take more than some RAM and a graphics card to make me shell out any cash.

– Even with all the restrictions the X1 has? And what about the dynamic achievements?

Although there are a lot of restrictions with the X1 some of them don’t affect me that much as I only buy legit copies of games and have an always online connection. Even the issues with sharing games don’t really apply as the only person I know who lives in the same country as me and games is my soon to be husband.

I am a little sad to see my XBLA back catalogue go but as long as Microsoft can produce a strong string of launch titles and don’t make a habit of not being backwards compatible I’ll forgive them this time. An architectural overall is more important than games that we’ll all forget within a handful of years.

The lack of game rentals does affect me quite heavily so I am a little disappointed that that won’t be available straight away but I hear they are trying to get something sorted and I have faith. The bottom line is that people may be upset now but they’ll adapt soon enough, they always do.

Although Sony technically won E3, I’m not fooled by their “poke fun at Microsoft and hope no one asks us any questions” approach. With DRM issues on both sides and most of the epic game choices being on both comparable platforms I’m convinced it’s a draw to the general gaming population. When people realise that Sony isn’t perfect the amount of people who are sticking with Microsoft will rise again. As for me, the addition of Kinect 2.0 (worth the extra £70 in my opinion) and the ability to keep going with my gamercard mean I still stand strongly in the Microsoft camp. A good showing by Sony though. If I had enough money I could be tempted to buy both.

bexRebecca – Writer

I haven’t really decided yet, but I won’t get a new console at launch.

At the moment I’m not intending on buying an Xbox One immediately, mainly because the price is likely to be too high for me to consider right away. Most retailers are estimating at a price around £500. I’m also cautious over the minimum internet requirements as we struggle to maintain the recommended 1.5MBps. I’m glad that the storm over pre-owned games is virtually over and I’m happy with what I’ve seen. I need to know a lot more about the games though. We’ll see what E3 brings with exclusives and new third party titles.

I don’t know a lot about the Playstation 4; I can honestly say that I don’t know enough about it to dismiss it or say that I’m getting one. They need to address the issue over pre-owned games and the internet connection. I’d also like to see what it looks like. People are waiting for Sony to make the next move after the reveal of the Xbox One. Hopefully they pull it off.

The lower price point on the Xbox One was encouraging but it’s still too expensive for me to get on day one. I didn’t find the exclusive titles that interesting to be honest; I’m not a big Halo fan and TitanFall didn’t seem to be my thing, but some of the new IPs were intriguing. Project Spark could result in endless possibilites. Below looked interesting and I’d like more information on Quantum Break.

I didn’t see Sony’s presentation but I’ve only heard encouraging things. Game sharing is easy. The price point is lower. I don’t have to be online every 24 hours. They’ve won over a lot of gamers with their presentation and I may be one of them. Only time will tell.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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