E3: Ubisoft Media Briefing

Welcome to the Ubisoft Media Briefing at E3 2013. Ubisoft is ready to show us some more games set in the Tom Clancy universe, more Rayman and more details on the anticipated game Watch_Dogs. Join in for our opinion on their media briefing – note that some stuff is not mentioned as I focused on what I found interesting.

Note that you can watch the show at its entirety at the bottom of this article, so if you prefer to do that instead of reading, be my guest.

Alice In Chains’ frontman Jerry Cantrell opens Ubisoft’s keynote with a jam on one of his own songs. Playing along to recorded songs doesn’t seem to be fun so he switches to another instrument and uses voice commands to boot up the first new title of the evening: Rocksmith 2014 Edition. Using Kinect, he chooses the game mode, band name, genre and instrument before playing another song. This is the new Session Mode feature for the game. After picking a virtual band, the AI reacts to the actions of the player to replicate the feeling of jamming with real musicians. Check out the trailer below:

After Cantrell leaves the stage, Aisha Tyler goes on to kick off the conference with a new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The Engineers, a group of terrorists, have issued a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist to oppose the worldwide US military occupation.

Rayman Legends was up next. As well as a CGI trailer showing Barbara facing the Giant Boss Toad, Rayman and his friends teamed up for some in-game footage. The frogs didn’t do too well in either.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot free-to-play game encourages players to steal from their neighbours while protecting their own stash. Players can now sign up for the game’s closed beta. The trailer was the funniest trailer that I’d seen all evening.

If you thought that was bad, the new South Park: The Stick of Truth took things a little further. Here are the Nagasaki farts.

We finally moved back to next generation announcements with Yves Guillemot presenting a new title from Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections. The Crew is a massive multiplayer online title that places players into an open-world recreation of the USA. Each locale has its own challenges. Choose your friends and your rivals.

The trailer for Watch_Dogs leaked out before the show started, but that didn’t stop them showing it again. Aidan Pierce will be watching you.

The existence of Just Dance 2014 was also leaked before the show but all we had seen was a handful of screenshots. Now we had a trailer. I dare you not to tap your feet to Pitbull’s Feel This Moment.

Rabbids Invasion is an interactive television show that is heading to Nickelodeon, Xbox One and other devices. Observation games, dancing and target practice will all be possible in a variety of mini-games.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag made an appearance with two new trailers. This will prove to be a brutal pirate experience as Edward Kenway.

The next generation of heroes will rise and fall in Trials Fusion on next generation consoles. If that isn’t enough, mobiles and tablets will be getting their own Trials game with Trials Frontier.

Another new announcement followed with a teaser trailer from Massive Entertainment. A disease pandemic brings the world to its knees and throws people into a Dark Winter. Tom Clancy’s The Division is an open world game where players are forced to scavenge for supplies through a lawless world in order to survive.

If you don’t want the short version of the Ubisoft conference and would rather see everything for yourself, here’s the entire show.

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