Late Robin Williams to recieve gaming tributes

Robin Williams was held dearly by heart for many fans, including myself. I adored his roles in various movies, from Ms. Doubtfire over Patch Adams to Good Morning Vietnam, and I did not nearly get to watch enough of his stand up shows. He died ten days ago, and while I do not mourn over a person I never met, a lot of people out there do. The Earth has lost a great actor.

He was a gamer, and it was known that he played a good chunk of World of Warcraft, where fans already has gotten a response from Activision-Blizzard on a tribute. As of now, there’s no details other than the next expansion pack “Warlords of Draenor” will include some sort of tribute to Williams.

Robin Williams was also known to play Zelda games – his daughter is even named after the series princess (and title), and to top it off, they even participated in two Nintendo commercials (3 years ago) for Zelda: Ocarine of time and Zelda: Four Swords anniversary edition for Nintendo 3DS. One of the seeds to get him into the next Zelda game (coming to Wii U sometime in 2015) sparked on kotaku in the comments section to the above story. There’s a petition going on to convince Nintendo of following suit with Activisions decision. Nintendo is aware of the request, but will not comment on potential action. However, they expressed their love for Williams and his daughter and made their condolences.

Below is the two commercials featuring Robin and his daughter, Zelda.

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