GameStop to hold yearly convention in Copenhagen

Here’s the sum up of the press release;

Gamestop Europe is happy to take their yearly convention to Copenhagen. With 35 busy stores in the country it is clear that danes love videogames, so it was an easy choice on Copenhagen.

Consumer spending shows that videogames are more popular in Denmark than Premier League. The gaming industry is worth 2 billion ( kroner – roughly 210 million british pounds – and it is obvious that the videogame market today appeals women and men both in a great deal. Denmark has the highest percent of female players compared to the other nordic countries according to Gamestops market research.

With developers such as Playdead and IO interactive, who’ve made hit titles such as Limbo and Hitman it’s clear that Denmark has a passion for storytelling and videogames. The danish tenager August Rosenmeier went famous when he won FIFA Interactive World Cup back in July. This prooves that danes not only compete on the highest level when it comes to designing games, but also playing them.

Over 500 store managers from all of North Europe will be attending the convention held at the Bella Sky Comwell Hotel. The convention is made to educate the employees about upcoming gaming trends and releases this christmas and introducing initiatives in customer services. Gamestop expects the danish shops a busy season because of the raising popularity of the new consoles, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. Gamestop offers the best consulting if you wish to upgrade your old console to a newer one.

No date or time of day was included in the press release, but I assume there will be no press attending, only employees and some game developers.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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