Alien: Isolation review

Can Sega redeem themselves after the disappointment of Colonial Marines?

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Halo: Master Chief Collection review

Microsoft decided to collect 4 Halo games into one package, and while even the singleplayer campaigns is affected by bugs, the experience is quite decent.

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Far Cry 4 review

After surviving the insanity of Vaas and the Rook Islands, how will Kyrat fair?

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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition review

Welcome to Hong Kong and the confusion going on between the mafia groups and the police.

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Fantasia: Evolved review

After taking on plastic instruments and dancing, will Fantasia: Music Evolved manage to interest you in a new take on the music genre?

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Evil Within review

Bethesda takes a swing at Survival Horror in the long awaited Evil Within, was the madness worth the wait?

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Sunset Overdrive review

Insomniac have definitely taken a risk with Sunset Overdrive. Have they delivered with their new franchise?

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