Skylanders Superchargers review

Skylanders to get their driver’s license.

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Sonic: Lost World review

Dr. Eggman has captured most of the animals from Sonic’s world. While trying to rescue some of them, Sonic and Tails crash land on a mysterious planet in the sky, a world known as the Lost Hex.

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Skylanders SWAP Force review

The Skylanders are back, this time with the ability to mix and match – and Kaos are yet again causing trouble in his attempt to make the world as evil as possible – and take it over. Unveil the story about the fight between good and bad, and cherish the detailed figurines with upgrades and […]

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Rayman Legends review

After a long absence, Rayman Origins brought Rayman out of the shadow of the Rabbids and back into his own spotlight where he belong. His platforming adventures across several consoles were extremely well-received to the point where there was a fair amount of disappointment when the sequel, Rayman Legends, was originally revealed to be a […]

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