Games for 2013: What we are looking forward to

I’m having a hard time to decide between Watch_Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V. While Rockstar certainly will deliver, the new take on the sandbox genre from Ubisoft looks so intriguing. Rockstar promised lots of different ways of travel, pets/animals have been added to the game, we get three different stories told (I imagine that […]

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December 2012: What’s your favourite games from this years selection?

It’s christmas time, and boy do I have a present for you guys! We are giving away a copy of “Rise of the Guardians” for Xbox 360. Scissored from the british Amazon website: This months debate: Which of this years games is your all time favourite? I’ll give you a rundown of mine from this […]

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November 2012: Which games do you urge for?

So this time I’m giving away two copies of the newest expansion pack for World of Warcraft, Mist of Pandaria. Scissored from the british Amazon website: Now to the interesting: Which cancelled games and what franchises would you like to see get a comeback? This question are not console specific. For me, I’d like to […]

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