Gaming Daily: Issue 8

Oh, what a lovely day it has been. Out of the door this morning, and was able to rather quickly make the rest of the video when being at school and get a bit of help from the teacher (we were kicked into it with no prior guidance, so asking was a must).

All I really needed was some text saying “coming to theaters” and some blood running down, perhaps other stuff to intensify it even more. Found some suitable sounds too. When the teacher asked me “well, what is your vision?” well… my vision was an open room, with nothing else onthe floor within the view, dark room, a spotlight on the dresser, the camera not moving and the assembling being more fluid (I used stop-motion via my Canon EOSD 1100) and he casually said “we can do that”.

Sarcasm in this phrase might occur. Yeah sure I can edit +250 pictures in photoshop and cut out the dresser and loose planks in 20 minutes.. turned out he misunderstood me and thought I meant the last frame/picture only. Decided that I just had to finish this off quickly whithout too much hesitation. You can watch the video below. The crowd from the afternoon loved the video which surprised me. I guess I am my own biggest critic.

Anyway after getting back home – luckily really early as we watched the trailers everyone has been making over the past week, our teacher told us to go home. I barely believed him and waited for our main teacher to protest. That didn’t happen.

After I arrived home, I had to go through forums, mails and more, had to do some online christmas giveaway calenders, and just in general check up on different stuff online. Including the daily read up on various news. Then I crashed for a while, and suddenly I wasn’t home alone.

Now, many hours later, I still haven’t done the dishes or published Alien Isolation. Barely was able to flick together the daily blog post. Here it is, hours past midnight. Oh well, lots to write tomorrow, as I am going christmas shopping for all the presents. Big day.

At least I have the presents for my fiance at the ready, so I don’t have to go and sneak off tomorrow – I think I am gonna sit down and have a cold soft drink somewhere and play on my phone so he can find me something if he needs to. I can’t hang out in the Gamestop for obvious reasons.

One last thing: I am trying to win a Playstation 4 Anniversary Edition, and I need for people to vote/like my comment – Gamestop Denmark asked which PS character is our favourite, and since everyone posted Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, I decided to do things different and added Jun from Tekken. You can find it here on Facebook if you want to support me. Right now I have 51 votes, while the top one has 804, so I am quite behind. This last part will be copied and pasted in the blogposts until the 18th.

Daily Gaming is a daily blog posted sometime throughout the day, covering what’s been happening since the last blog post. My quest is to make a blogpost everyday for a year (365 posts) that will focus on the games I play but sometimes include movies I’ve seen or what have happened around me in my daily life.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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