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Everything below has to be taken with a grain of salt. This is not a serious article, nor serious opinions – this is a list of stereotypes with a funny angle. Polish off your humour bottle and get ready to pour.

The PoserThe Poser
This is the one I dislike the most. Most of the time, this “gamer” is a girl looking for attention. Somewhere she’s heard or read about guys complaining online that girls never play video games and they’d like to find girls who do – and realizes it is easy to get an ego boost just by revealing their gender in the right games or the right places. Many young and invested gamers are introverted and not exactly used to communicate with the other gender, and The Poser makes use of this to her own advantage. She might not even use time on any games and just ask a friend to take some suggestive pictures of her with a random controller or console.

The Casual
This class can actually be divided into two subcategories, depending on age. The first sub is your mother, your aunt, a female above the age of 40. She plays Facebook games, online casinos and card games or alike, and she occasionally play games on her phone. The second sub is girls between 6 and 20. She plays when there’s nothing else to do, mostly on her phone and on Facebook, and might own a Nintendo console, being it handheld or stationary. You can be lucky to convert her into more games, if you handle it right.

The annoying below-teen with no supervision
Loudmouth and know-it-all with no respect. He’s the one who swears and give you the blame if the team loses the battle, and he’s the one that kills you ingame, even if you are on the same team, just because. He will tell mom jokes, calling you names and attack you in a second if he realises you’re black or female, then excuse it with that he just pumps himself and you up before the battle in the game begins to make for a more competitive environment. Hides behinds the screen, there’s no real consequences in yelling at some stranger online. Plays mostly shooters.

The Shoot AddictThe Shoot Addict
Most, if not all, of the gamers in the annoying pre-teen with no supervision class can be put in here too. And then there’s the mature or adult gamer, who plays almost nothing but shooters. He’s the one that makes the game companies spit out a new title on a yearly basis. He will be at the midnight launch of the newest shooter if he’s able to. He might have a military background, or a dream of having a military career.

The MMO player
This is probably the one class where the genders is equal in numbers. At least as close as we can get. Doesn’t play much outside their genre, but they will put a lot of hours into the games they play. I’ve occasionally talked to an MMO player, and they can’t help themselves, they will try and get you to play with them. They often have more than one character, and they might even have several on the highest level. They might even play different MMO games to avoid getting too bored – or just to have something to play between raids. Eventually realises that he/she have used way too many hours on the game, then decide to stop playing and get back to the outside world.

The Jock
Bought a console only to play when his friends are over for a beer. Doesn’t play much outside of sports games (depending on location, the popular sports is soccer, american football and baseball). He might play a few other games from other genres to justify the money he used on the console. He also play alone, but probably only to increase his skills and beat his friends later to be able to gloat. The female version focuses on fitness and dance games.

The Racer
The RacerHe loves cars, probably got his licence as early as the law allowed him to and he tried driving before that. He was the one that rammed your toes with his remote controlled car at your uncles 60 year birthday party and owned a lot of toy cars in general. He might also get fined once in while, caught speeding or burning tires. He lives out his dreams by purchasing and customising his dream cars in the virtual world of gaming.

The Retro
You might have trouble convincing him or her that newer games are good. He might even defend his opinions with tooth and nails, making arguments like new games is too easy, too cinematic, not fun and maybe even hat new games have ruined his beloved franchises such as Sonic and Mario. There’s a good chance that you will find him in online retro games communities, and if he has a collection that’s something, he will be both active and popular on these communities. Retro gamers are often backing each other up, making for a strong community. Some MIGHT play the newer consoles, but I’d say they will fit under the varying class.

The Indiegamer
This gamer is either a refined retro gamer, or a gamer who grew tired of the newer games for one reason or another. He/she discovered that indie games on a regular basis is trying something new, something the big game developers either haven’t thought about or don’t want to put money into, thus having the opportunity to be a refreshing experience. This is a growing class as indie games has gotten quite the coverage the last couple of years due to great games breaking the surface.

The Varying
I’d say this is the most complex class of them all. He/she plays a lot of different games, and are open to new experiences. While this gamer plays a variety of games, there might be some genres they are avoiding, due to different reasons. This gamer is ready to try anything new and probably follows the game releases to look out for anything interesting. He/she will more often than not be active on forums to not only be in the loop for new releases, but also to both share their experience with different games, but also to discover games they might have overlooked or never heard of before.

The Achievement AddictThe Achievement/Trophy Addict
Easy to find. Look up tracking sites, look for 100.000+ gamerscore profiles. Is more often than not contributing to the sites content, or at least active in the forums. Often buys games just for the points, even if all his or her friends and reviews says the game is no good. Might even avoid buying a game they otherwise would like to play if the achievements look too hard to achieve or too time consuming to get.

The Fanboy
Look through comments on console related news and forums – he will talk heaven about his console, and if anyone disagrees with them, he or she will defend themselves and their console with all they’ve got. Even trash talk the opposing console. Could be trolls using this as a way of annoy other people online.

The PC Enthusiast
Is different from the showoff by not having a glowing computer. He might share his builds, but not as enthusiastically as the showoff, and he is happy to help people seeking for advice on builds. Some goes as far as saying consoles will die and calling themselves “the master race”. Also fits into the fanboy category.

The Showoff Builder
His setup are impressive, from the inside out. Wild specs, big monitors in good quality, acknowledged brands, backlighting, and maybe even more than one computer in his setup. He also builds his computers and record the process to upload it on youtube. Will share their blogs and videos wherever they can get away with it.

The Pro-wannabe
Dreams of going pro by watching the games and playing the games being used in the esports. He can talk for hours about the games and the events where the games are being played – and also have one or more idols in the top tier esports.

The Pro
In the pro-wannabe gamers eyes, this is a dream come true. He is living a hard and short career, and while a young one who lives at home or at a cheap place can make a living with this, there’s no real chance that he can expand his life with own home, family and kids and still make enough to provide for the family and himself.

The CriticThe Complainer and Critic
Look in the comments on gaming news sites, and you will find a couple commenters fitting into this class. He will always find something they can complain of within the game and if not, then the company is the target. The game is shit, the review is bad, gaming sites are being paid by gaming companies, thus making big gaming sites redundant as they are biased. Gaming companies are ruining their beloved franchise, they put heavy DRM on their games… the list goes on and on. These people either have problems in their personal lives, or are bored enough to dive into trouble. They might even be common trolls looking to start a heated debate.

The Journalist
Is making a living, or at least partly, of writing about games and the culture around gaming. Plays a great variety of games across all genres, because that’s in the job description, unless that person is writing for a genre-specific website. Always shares their opinion about everything, not just games, whenever they have a thought about a game, movie or what else it could be – also when not working.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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