Dead Space 3 demo impressions

So, after settling in under my duvet on the sofa, and booting up the Dead Space 3 demo, my honest first impression when met with the incredible visuals of Tau Volantis was simply “Wow”, without even taking a step. Swiftly followed by a sense of unease, and I don’t mean the kind of unease that is part and parcel of every great horror game. No, more of a worry that what I know and love about the claustrophobic Dead Space environments, has been unceremoniously blasted out of the nearest airlock in favour of a more open environment.

Taking my first few steps outside of Isaac’s crashed landed pod immediately vaporized my worries that Visceral were aiming for a less claustrophobic approach in choosing an open environment, as I was immediately engulfed by the blizzard raging on the planets surface. This made it impossible to see further than maybe a meter in front of Isaac’s lumbering form, and the sounds were.. well… ambiguous. It was more than enough for me to feel the right type of unease, and keep me wondering what lies in wait for me as I fumble around looking for supplies and shelter.

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Now, this is something that, after playing solo first and co-op after, I was questioning whether this feeling would be lost upon the integration of co-op play. Thankfully I couldn’t have been more wrong, after watching my co-op companion disappear into the blizzard I was onset with immediate panic which added a whole other level of tension. Especially when you encounter your first enemy, which had my co-op partner fighting his way through the blizzard to try to find out where I was being attacked because he’d wandered off just slightly too far.

The differences between co-op and solo in terms of content were quite clear – in the solo portion you only really see newcomer John Carver (Isaacs merciless soldier companion) battling the unknown atop an industrial structure. However, in co-op play, Carver has quite a lot to say and do. Not to mention the new tactical possibilities a co-op partner brings to the table.

The whole demo was choc-a-bloc full of set-piece craziness, and a tantalizing taste of what’s to come in terms of weapon customization, co-op play and epic encounters. It also easily showcased the amazing vistas of Tau Volantis, and demonstrated the developers well honed skills at creating and sustaining an incredibly tense atmosphere.

Who? What? Where?

What I felt that the demo didn’t parade very well was the story. Now I know it’s only a demo, and don’t misunderstand me, it has me hungering for more in all of the above mentioned delicacies, but left me a little confused as to what’s going on and where this Carver dude came from to begin with. Confused… and curious.

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