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Gamer across many platforms since early childhood. I love to be immersed in worlds from other people's imagination, which is why it's no surprise that I'm an RPG'er at heart. Though I do enjoy a variety of genres... and cakes...

My name is Jenny (unfortunately not a super-hero type name but a sufficient designation) and I live in Denmark but I'm originally from the UK. By day I am a regular girl, with a regular job but when evening comes I put on my robe and wizard hat (sorry couldn't resist it) and get stuck into some gaming.

When I was younger, I spent endless hours invading my older brothers bedroom just to watch him play - never allowed to play of course - just watch... and be the brains behind the situation. I swear, he would never have figured out that he needed to put the magnet above the door to attract the warlords toupee in Superhero League of Hoboken if it wasn't for me! I loved that game, the humor was absolutely golden and it was one of the first (along with Jill of the Jungle and Jazz Jackrabbit) that really got me interested in gaming.

After seeing my love of games, my wonderful Dad built me my first PC. From there I played any game he could get his hands on (luckily not too hard as he worked at a computer shop!). My first utter love was Age of Empires - that game got me hooked indefinitely in the gaming world. Oh the hours I fettered away in that game... let me just say this, whilst saving up for the game itself I continuously played the demo over and over for 2 weeks straight. I adored building my own little empire, watching it bloom and crushing my enemies. I'd try as much as possible to not complete the objective just to let me empire grow and thrive.

I grew to love exploring, building and immersing myself in worlds built by other peoples imagination. Just to see what others could come up with be it in books or in games. This moulded into a love for creativity, my hobbies are based on that; writing (poetry, stories etc.), reading, playing the piano, photography, digital art/drawing and of course gaming. I relish what anyone can come up with when they put their mind to it. I am a firm believer that everyone has a unique story to tell locked up in their imagination, they just have to find the key.

As a lover of worlds I have inevitably been down the MMORPG path. I was there day one for World of Warcraft and the expansions following. I have also played multiple other MMO's since then. World of Warcraft was in fact where I met my Danish fiance and the origin of my tag, AngryMageFace, due to the rather angry looking face on my mage character.

It proceeded to become a nickname in-game and just stuck with me. I love the ongoing universes that MMO's bring and they are a definite trap for me, but I like to explore many different worlds so that helps me to pull myself away.

I own most current and past generation consoles, not a lot of handhelds, but I do indulge in iOS based mobile/tablet games from time to time. My favorite platform has to be the Xbox 360, though I can't entirely explain why, it just seems to call to me above the others. I feel like the whole user experience on an Xbox360 is better than anywhere else and well, my avatar rocks! You can find my work on deviantart;


I am a sucker for anything that takes me to another world. Doesn't generally matter what kind of world I'm entering, as long as its immersive and expansive. I have to say, current real world stuff/world war games don't usually pique my interest. I'm more for worlds built from imagination.

Mass Effect - Everything about this series embodies what I love. The universe is incredibly rich and there are so many varied stories that can sprout up from this world. The characters are deep, even the side quest characters. There is so much potential for expansion here.

Male character
Alistair from Dragon Age; A classic knight in shining armour! Ok, so maybe he's a little bit dim but damn he's hot, loyal and brave! Just watching him fluster around when approached with anything romantic is adorable.

Female character
Flemeth from Dragon Age; Who wouldn't want to be a kick-ass lady AND a dragon?

What you consider yourself being an expert in when it comes to games
Bioware's RPG stuff has been the best playground for me, so I would say that a good chunk of Bioware RPG games are my area of expertise.

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