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Singstar Ultimate Party review

I am a big music lover, and having asien blood in my veins, I am bound to love karaoke, right?

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Tokyo Crash Mobs review

It is with amusement that I find the fact that my first review for a website called ‘Gamin’ Girl’ should be for a game about a pair of preppy girls whose ultimate ambition is to successfully make it to the shops. But, despite the protagonists and their arguably bimbo-esque aspirations, I don’t believe this to […]

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Hitman: Absolution roaming the streets

Agent 47 is back in business. It’s been six years, but there’s finally stealthy murdering to do again. Hitman is back. Not since Hitman: Blood Money, which came out in 2006, have we been able to satisfy our murderous tendencies in that stealthy way, that this assassination simulator series excels in. The danish developer IO […]

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Football Manager 2013 kicking it

Statistics, training schedules and elaborate tactics sounds like fun… right? If you can answer yes to that, then Football Manager might just be something for you. One could ask: why even bother reviewing the new Football Manager game? Fans of the genre will undoubtedly get it anyway, no matter what somebody on the internet writes […]

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Epic Mickey: The Power of Two painting the town

Mickey is summoned back to the Wasteland and this time he gets a sidekick. Epic Mickey 2 has the subtitle “The Power of Two” and that turns out to be a significant moniker to the gameplay. Because this time Mickey won’t have to set out to help the outcast citizens of Wasteland alone, he has […]

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Rocksmith review

We have all tried it: Rhythm based music games with a plastic guitar. That is now history. Ubisoft has made the real deal and now it’s time to dust off the old axe in the basement and be ready to feel like a true Jimi Hendrix. ”Anyone can play guitar and bass, whether you’re an […]

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown review

The inhabitants of earth are about to fight off an alien invasion, and you just happen to lead a division of skilled professionals, ready to kick E.T’s scrawny little ass. Back in 1994 I had a blast playing through UFO: Enemy Unknown and a year later the sequel X-COM: Terror from the Deep. Those two […]

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The Unfinished Swan review

You’re a boy named Monroe and you’re chasing after a swan that has escaped from a painting. Sound like a bad acid trip? Well, it’s actually much more innocent than that. Monroe awakens in an orphanage following the death of his mother. A very glum start to a story.. I know. But there it is. […]

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North

We return to Middle-earth but this time we travel to the north and follow the adventures of Farin, Andriel and Eradan, who fight on their own for the greater cause. Lord of the Rings: War in the North is an RPG which takes place, as the title would suggest, in the northern region of Middle-earth. […]

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DanceStar Party

So you think you can dance? Or that’s what my PlayStation tells me at least. Through the history of PlayStation we have been playing plastic guitar and singing badly and now with Playstation®Move you can dance looking like a dancestar! (Or at least something like that) How do I start? Well first of all: turn […]

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