No Man’s Sky: Money is not everything

The game puts you on a random planet in an exosuit. It does not tell you to do anything at first, so you start exploring, trying to shoot things and so on.

You realise you have a spaceship, but it can’t fly, so you set out to gather different things to repair the ship. I was only helped once by the game, and that was a few minutes after I still haven’t found one of the important elements.

Here’s the thing. The game never tells you what to do, other than vague hints to progress the story. Because of this, there is a lot you’re going to miss unless you look close enough – this is also why you will find articles about things the game does not tell you.

Let’s get to the topic at hand. You do not need to gather elements to sell, and here’s why:

Do not buy ships from the aliens. I repeat: Do NOT buy ships. That money is way better spent on other stuff. The prices are outrageous (well, fair prices but it takes a lot of time to gather the money).


Instead make some hacking chips from a small amount of base elements and find a scanner – these are easy to find via the yellow beams. Interact with one and ask it to find transmissions, and it will give you coordinates (well, a marker) – sometimes it is a crashed ship. You can also get coordinates to crashed ships by visiting abandoned factories that has a puzzle for you to solve. You can overtake these ships as your own and save a lot of money, and that includes better ships. Just remember to move your things to the new ship before accepting it as your own. You will have to do some repair work, but it is well worth it.


The links below will pretty much cover everything else to know about the game to do some effective, less grinding gameplay to reach the centre of the galaxy. Here’s a short list, but check the links to see more details about them.

Stock up in inventory spots when you can – Exosuit is being upgraded by finding drop pods, also found by the scanners transmission signal, while you have to buy new guns and get a new ship to increase those. Max numbers on each is 48, while gun can have 24 (needing less space this makes sense) inventory spaces.



Go for the elements you need for upgrading different things on ship, gun and suit. Talk to aliens and open up crates and crashed pods to get blueprints to develop new items.

Open crates and find the monoliths to get valuable relics that you can sell for good money – they are often worth 20.000 units a piece and exosuits inventory space starts at 10.000 for one, and gets more expensive as you progress in the game.

To sum it up, you do not need to have millions of units to get by in this game, at least not for the first 20 hours – if ever.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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