Why I will be playing GTA V

A while back, some of the big media outlets told the world that they had the opportunity to watch some gameplay of the upcoming GTA V game, which is hyped beyond the reasonable border (not that I do not look forward to the game, but let’s just say with an upcoming GTA game and two consoles on the way I am a little fed up with rumors) . Let me empathize: WATCH. They watched a Rockstar employee play the game – but outlets did confirm that the game was running on a PS3 debug kit.

In no order particular:

1. Minigames and recreation experiences. GTA IV had a minigolf course, even a mission on it (yeah that was fun trying to ram some annoying dude with golf balls) but they’ve expanded it in GTA V – you will be able to choose your own clubs, but there’s more than golf as recreation experience in GTA V. Yoga minigame is also confirmed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, I am sure there will be much more available in the final game.

2. You can costumise cars! Add a paintjob, slap on a vinyl and tune the motor to the max. Let’s hope Rockstar has implemented some save mode in the garage, or else I will never use the costumised cars if I can lose it. We all know how easy it is to lose a car in a game like this (both on and off a mission).

3. Three playable characters. This is going to be amazing. With character one, you take a car and cut off the security truck, with character two you ram it from the side with a tow truck, and then you flee from the scene. When off mission, and in certain missions, you can change between them at will.

4. The game will focus on heists. Remember the mission Three Leaf Clover in GTA IV? Yeah, I do vividly, but then again, I died like 30 times in my attempt to beat it. The descriptions I’ve read sounds exciting – you will set up these heists over several missions: Like in one mission you acquire some masks and suits, in another you go get a getaway car and put it somewhere, THEN you get to try out the heist. You can approach the heist in any way you want – jump in with guns drawn and screaming people, or you can do it more subtly. Will it be possible to kidnap the family of the bank owner, like they do in the movie Firewall? Possibly not, but the idea sounds great in my head.

5. Animals will be presented, even wild ones for when you venture in the outskirts of the map. Deers and wildcats are mentioned for now. There will also be more dangerous animals – when swimming, beware of sharks. They won’t attack headlessly (it would have been the easiest to code I can imagine) but they aren’t innocent either. Be cautious around them, they can attack.

6. Is The Lost involved? What made me almost choke in surprise (even after seeing the screenshot with The Lost logo in the background) was that Trevor has SOMETHING to do with the gang we know so well from the first DLC for GTA IV. I am intrigued to see if there’s more to it. I THINK I saw Johnny getting dragged out from the back of a truck in a trailer somewhere but I can be wrong.

7. Small happenings. Remember the stick-ups and prisoner escapes in Red Dead Redemption and the strangers in GTA IV? There will be random encounters in this kind of style, and some will apparently unlock side missions later on.

8. Multiplayer. That is the first word I’ve heard from Rockstar about multiplayer mode in GTA V. It will be an open-world experience, but this is the only thing that has been disclosed at present time.

9. Driving a car will feel more like a racing game – physics and handling will feel tight.

10. Your character won’t scrap your weapon when you run out of bullets, something that some people could be annoyed about, including myself.

11. Surprises when switching between characters. When you switch characters you will be surprised on what they are doing, because they live their own life when you aren’t playing them. They are not sitting and waiting in the chair in their homes – these surprises can even be funny to experience, so I’ll probably switch between the three characters between each mission I beat…

12. Manage each character as you want. They have separate bank accounts and you can choose which character will buy what as you progress. After each heist, the money will be divided among the crew. Each character have their own starting stats, but it’s your decision how they should handle it. How freely will it be? Will I be able to make Michael go bankrupt and make Trevor the Mayor or a big businessman at the least?

13. You can buy property, even businesses. A taxi company was given as an example to the visiting media, which is something that excites me more than it should. Will we be able to call for a taxi to save time in transport? Probably.

14. Supporting characters. You can hire characters to help you out in a mission, and if they survive, you can use them again later on if needed. More money will buy better support characters.

15. Special abilities. Sounds a little off the road of Rockstar going “serious” with the GTA franchise (though other things points to the fact they are going a little off that in general) and each character has their own special thing they’re good at. Michael is an ex-bankrobber, so he’s good with guns – so as him you can slow down time in a shootout, Franklin is a repo man, so as him you can slow down time while driving, and Trevor can go into some sort of ravage mode and deal more damage. Triggered when you feel a meter.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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