Games for 2013: What we are looking forward to

I’m having a hard time to decide between Watch_Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V. While Rockstar certainly will deliver, the new take on the sandbox genre from Ubisoft looks so intriguing. Rockstar promised lots of different ways of travel, pets/animals have been added to the game, we get three different stories told (I imagine that the reaction to the GTA IV and the two expansions clashing together with the main game was so positive that they wanted to do it again) and the scenery looks amazing. The simple fact that you in Watch_Dogs can change the traffic lights, causing accidents to happen in your favour was enough for me to fall in love with game when the Game Demo video was shown at the E3 2012.

There’s a lot of great games coming out this year. I look forward to shoot limbs off necromorphs in Dead Space 3, cut off more limbs in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, make a city with my fiance in SimCity and learn to know Lara Croft a little more in Tomb Raider. I want to fight for survival in The Last of Us, getting immersed in yet another great story from the Heavy Rain developers in Beyond: Two Souls, road rage in Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Grid 2, figure out the new combat mechanics introduced in Remember Me and a little sad that we won’t cover Lego City Undercover and Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon.

I absolutely cannot wait for the new Tomb Raider this March. I’m a huge fan of everything Lara and although I feel like I should be nervous lest they ruin my beloved franchise I am fascinated to see an interpretation of the intrepid explorer’s origin story. People say it looks like it’s trying to be Uncharted but from what I’ve heard about the rival franchise, trying to inject a little of it can be nothing but a good thing. I think it looks grittier and more adult than previous incarnations and I’m looking forward to a more adult storyline, rather than making it “adult” by just inserting kinky unlockable outfits (although I do love those…). I’ve grown up with Lara and I don’t want her to go anywhere any time soon. I suppose I have to assume it’s excellent, the alternative is just too damn sad.

Also looking forward to:
Bioshock Infinite
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Lightning Returns

For me, 2012 is going to be a pretty hard year to beat, but there are quite a few games lingering on the horizon that do already have my heart racing. Currently topping my list though has to be Dead Space 3, with its promises of adding drop in/out co-op play without sacrificing its spine-chilling atmosphere the series has successfully executed thus far. What has me intrigued with the co-op is that Carver (the merciless soldier sidekick) seemingly has his own problems, and consequently his own hallucinations. Meaning that, you and your co-op partner won’t always be seeing the same thing, not to mention the additional scrumptious story elements, cut scenes, discoveries and strategies Carver brings.

Another new feature that has me intrigued is the weapon crafting system, essentially giving me piece by piece control over what manic machine of delectable dismemberment I choose to blast away the big bad Necromorphs (and new enemy additions) with.

All in all, even though the new features have me foaming at the mouth, I’m still rather looking forward to more of what the series has brought me so far: hair-raising experiences in claustrophobic corridors, delving deeper into poor Isaac’s damaged mind and, of course, kicking some Necromoph ass!

Aside from that, I find that my “DO WANT” list expands the more I consider it: The Elder Scrolls Online, Pikmin 3, Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War: Judgement, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Remember Me… ahh the list could go on! One thing’s for sure – it’s definitely a great time to be a gamer!

When Splinter Cell: Blacklist came to E3 2012, it was one of the best games on show during a night of disappointing keynote speeches. The six minute gameplay demo promised more of the gameplay that we saw in Splinter Cell: Conviction, but with more gadgets and a protagonist that appears to have taken climbing lessons from Ezio Auditore. The new Killing in Motion technique means that alerting nearby guards may no longer make your life hell. With numerous options for playing through the game, players can also hark back to the Sam Fisher of old where stealth is key and the kill count is low. Co-op and multiplayer modes have also been confirmed. Splinter Cell: Conviction was one of my favourite co-op titles and this looks set to take that title in 2013.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 was the game that introduced me to co-op and competitive multiplayer several years ago and I have very fond memories of the game. The long-awaited follow up, Rainbow Six: Patriots, can’t come soon enough. We have very little to go on so far — the True Patriots, a militia group, has started a campaign on behalf of ‘victims’ of economic inequality. Rainbow Team is sent to New York City to quell the terrorist threat. We’ve heard little about the game for over a year, but I’m yet to get too concerned. I just hope that the game does see a release this year and is not pushed back to next-generation consoles.

A late entrant into my most-anticipated games list. Edge of Twilight was reportedly canned at the end of 2009 but the game was revealed to still exist just three weeks ago. Lex, an outcast halfbreed, is caught in the middle of a civil war between two civilizations. He is the only chance that the world of Hellayem has of surviving this clash because he has a unique ability to travel through the parallel realms of Day and Night, each gifting him special abilities. Previous gameplay trailers of the third-person action adventure title make the post-apocalyptic steampunk fantasy world look extremely intriguing. I just want to go and explore.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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