Here is 11 amazing exclusive PS4 games you can find cheap

While I can not guarantee a price to your satisfaction, I can promise you can find these games at a very valuable price should they be to your taste. I will not link to any specific stores, so search for the game on google or at your favourite price comparison website. The games is in no particular order.

Infamous Second Son (review)
Another launch title for the console, and while it doesn’t blow you up, the title is very solid with a new character into the universe, and with lots of new powers to experience and play with. Don’t forget the standalone DLC.


The Last of Us remastered (review)
One of the best games for PS3 getting a treatment as a release for PS4 with upped frames and resolution while including the extra downloadable content within. Fantastic story with lots of feelings involved, some scary moments and a multiplayer it could have lived without – however fun it could be playing with people on the same level as you.


I heard Knack is fantastic – as a launch title, it was hit with many gamers dissatisfaction because the high expectation of the new generation of consoles. As a platformer, it is solid, with a cute story, funny transformations and an impressive number of particles (which is the new generations trademark).


Until Dawn
A horror game that makes the player do the decisions with characters lives at stake. Plot points galore that will surprise you. Looks somewhat bad on paper due to being “teen horror movie-y”, but if you look past that, this game is simply amazing. Kill those you want to get gone, try to save those you want to see get through the night – or save all, or kill all.


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (on sale – EU and US)
Rather new title, and as a digitally version, we all know it has it limits, either in length of story, difficulty is upped to make the game last longer etc. However this is not what I’ve heard, and it should be one of the best digital titles out there.


Driveclub (review)
The game had a really bad launch, servers were down, the game lacked some features that the developer promised would come later (and it did) but the release really felt forced by the moneymakers. It butchered the game sales and I am pretty sure this is why the game ended in a bargain bin really fast. Ruined every chance it had for a series or sequel. Quite sad, seen at how amazing Driveclub actually is, giving it a closer look and feel. Motorcycle enthusiasts can get the Driveclub Bikers standalone expansion.


Tearaway Unfolded
Spawned from the Vita version of the game, Unfolded takes you through a story of a love letter in a world of paper. Awesome platformer experience with lots of small minigames and surprises – and also utilizes the works of the controller like motion control and other things.


Fat Princess Adventures (on sale – EU)
Newest of the games on this list, take your friends to the fight for the cake and the kingdom. With asynchronous view and lots of RPG elements, this looks like it can hook a lot of players in for a long time. Note that Fat Princess in herself has gotten a little overhaul.


Killzone: Shadow Fall
Another launch title, however not the first one in it’s series. Trailers looking amazing, but can’t promise the content, as I haven’t played it. But this looks to be the usual stuff: shoot or be shot.


The Order: 1886 (review)
One of the most amazing titles to ever arrive on the platform, this game got way too much flack for being shorter than expected and as result ended up in the bargain bin. This is for the players who want to experience an alternate world and story of the world we know. In turn for the short story, the game look simply stunning as every little detail has been well taken care of. Gunplay feels perfect too.


Alienation (on sale – EU)
Rather new and already on a what looks to be a good deal on the EU store, if you want to play a twin stick shooter with a friend. Looks awesome and devastating when you blow up foes.


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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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