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Twinkling82 | Editor and Founder
Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

In my everyday life I strive to recieve my day dream, yet do what I can to keep this website going - and stil be social with family and the few selected friends I have.

I have a couple ideas in my backhead and working towards the goal; writing and editing in the gaming industry, making PR, event coordination or just management if possible.

I can't even remember what made me interesting in games for starters. I guess I always was a dreamer, as I could easily sit with my toys (spanding from Barbie to My Little Ponies) for hours on end in my own little world of happiness and events. Games does it more interactive than toys.

My first gaming "consoles" must have been the water driven ones you always could buy for cheap in airports and at fairs, but the first real one was a gameboy. Yes, the big grey kind. From there, all I ever wanted was more games and consoles.

The next handful of years was like heaven every time I had birthday or at christmas. Over the years I acquired a Nintendo ES and Sega Master System - and I was in heaven when visiting people that had newer consoles at hand - counting in Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Playstation 1.

In my early teenage years I was always in for some gaming, but it was far from my primary activity. When the Playstation 2 was announced, my interest was renewed - especially after playing GTA 1 and 2 on PC. I played on my Playstation 1 for a while and expected to have some money ready for a Playstation 2 at launch - which I pre-ordered.

Since then I've been playing often into the wee hours of the morning whenever possible, especially if I played a storydriven game for the first time - quickly mentioning both the Driver games and GTA III. I was also fighting tenacious to beat Need for Speed Underground. I never did.

My interest really took off when I decided to try writing game reviews for a publication in my country and I got in as freelance writer without pay. After I moved to the second publication, I decided after a while to try and run my own site, and I've done this ever since.

I now have all the current consoles, including handhelds, excluding iOS devices (I'm not fond of Apple, let's leave it at that) - and I'm looking so much forward to more space at home so that I can set up a proper work space and to play some more games on PC. I've bought the case already, but only because it has reached 1/3 of the launch price and there's nothing like it. It have my heart. Click the picture to enhance.

I actually love my Playstation Vita the most for now, but I think it dubs down to the fact that it's the newest acquisition - the Xbox 360 takes second place, but it's due to the community at Trueachievements and achievementsystem. I do work to get them, and ultimately want them all, but I'm not so sure it will happen ever.


While I love storydriven games such as Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid, I love running around in an open world such as L.A. Noire and GTA IV.

I'm afraid it's the GTA series - for now I have every single of the games for consoles, including game guides from Bradygames for the main games. Can't wait for the next instalment.

Male character
I love Nathan Drake (Uncharted series) He might be a badass and a player, but he has shown to have the biggest heart, and I do think he's loyal when it comes down to it. Even if he's up against fierce resistance, he'll keep fighting for the greater good - even if it means loss of money.

Female character
While I like the strenght of Elena from the Uncharted series, she might very well be replaced by either Lara Croft from the 2012 Tomb Raider game or Aveline from the upcoming Assassins Creed: Liberation.

What you consider yourself being an expert in when it comes to games
I've been a fan of Rockstars games for years on end, and with all the GTA games played, some more than others, I can answer most questions about the series.

Danish Game Awards 2011

We attended this years award show with high expectations and we didn’t leave disappointed. Looking at the size of the country, and the fact that it’s only the second time that the award show was organized, it did pretty well with over 80.000 online votes from gamers around the country that holds around 5.5 million […]

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

This game doesn’t follow a story, but rather a compilation of different encounters between police and road hogs that don’t vary much apart from that you can chose sides. The game presents you Seacrest County, where you can chose different missions from the map. As you progress in the game by winning medals in different […]

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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved really pummels your muscles. I was sore in my thighs and buttocks for a few days after my initial session with the game – remember to stretch before and after a gaming session – it’s merciless. The introduction to the game is smooth and beautiful with an astonishing interactive menu, most […]

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APB: reloaded announced for beta

The last couple of hours – and I guess it’s still rolling out – e-mails to former APB players is flying in the virtual space of the internet -I received mine around 6 hours ago. It seems like GamersFirst and PlaySpan are working together to get the game online again. Below, you’ll see the e-mail […]

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Girls night with Dance Central!

Swing your hips, clap your hands and have fun. While Dance Central might be a bit conservative in the learning lessons, it is much more fun and accurate than dancing on a mat or with a wii mote – thanks to the Kinect sensor, that you have to use with this game. Putting in Dance […]

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A cosy gaming christmas

The holiday season came and went faster than expected. This year I had the opportunity to use my expertise about gaming to my advantage, because I had set my sights on giving a copy of Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails localized to the danish language in gift to my boyfriends two nephews, who […]

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Joystick Junkies launches Discotronic Collection

Joystick Junkies launches Discotronic Collection in collaboration with Deadmau5. A cool new collection for the retrogamers and music lovers is now online for both the states and europe. I hand over to you, Chris Birch, Creative Director over at Joystick Junkies; You can view the whole collection and buy the unique and cool gamer clothes […]

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The year in gaming, 2010 edition

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a very happy and heart warming Christmas with family and/or friends, and you didn’t sat at home or on the street alone. Also, I hope the best for all of you in the coming year. Look out for the anticipated games of 2011, that soon will arrive on […]

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Kinect Sports

Lure your non-gaming friends into the wonders of the entertaining onscreen enjoyment. The controller-free gaming has made its entry, and with Kinect Sports it’s doing quite good. Everyone will find at least one game mode fun. The disc is full of fun sports, and gives a relatively good feel about the actual thing, though this […]

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Sonic Colours

The blue hedgehog with the badass attitude is back in this very colourful speedster. Run, jump and fly through challenging levels. Sonic is back to kick Dr. Eggmans buttocks once again. Dr. Eggman is collecting some heavily power from some defenseless aliens that used to live in peace and harmony. With this power, Eggman wants […]

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