• Review: Horizon Chase Turbo

    You can now experience a modern OutRun with slick looks and lots of references to pop culture.

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  • Review: Detroit: Become Human

    Detroit in the future: The android revolution has occurred, and another one is on it's way.

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  • Review: The Station

    Explore a space station, find clues, enjoy the details and crack the puzzles!

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  • Review: Razer Phone

    We know Razer from PC peripherals such as keyboards and mice of good quality that catered to gamers.

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  • Review: L.A. Noire remastered

    You are once back in the pants and hat of detective Cole Phelps, solving crimes of varying degrees.

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  • Review: Samsung 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor CFG70

    Fabelous Samsung gaming monitor for a fine price.

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  • Review: Horizon Zero Dawn DLC: Frozen Wilds

    Aloy hits the road again and venture into the cold mountains for a new adventure.

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  • Review: Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition V2

    Stylish, simple and kicking butt when it needs to, this keyboards is looking great.

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  • Review: Speedlink FORTUS gaming mouse

    Cheap and functional gaming mouse with a good twist. Smooth edges and a blasting colour makes it eye catching.

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  • Review: Agents of Mayhem

    Agents of Mayhem is a playable cartoon with over the top action that includes a lot of dirty jokes.

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  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review

    The Lost Legacy does well as an Uncharted game, with two strong women in the forefront.

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  • Matterfall review

    Being a bullet hell on feet, Matterfall is both fun and frustrating without any sort of limits to either.

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